Stained Glass Restoration

Restoration Services

A restoration process involves a site visit to access the damaged to your leaded light panels. If only the panel has a few damaged pieces of glass, these can be repaired in place without having to remove and take them away. If the panels are badly bowed or have lead damage or have split solder joint then the panels will need to removed. If this is the case we can temporarily glaze or board the opening while the work is carried out.

The Leaded Lights

The leaded lights will then be remade using as much of the original glass as possible. If any glass needs to be replaced, we always take the time to match the glass as best as possible from salvaged panels and can quite often match most types of discontinued glass including Flemish glass and Hammered glass and most colours used in period leaded light panels.

Once the leaded light has been remade

The panels are reglazed and strengthened with traditional saddle bars. If required, we can also back the leaded light panels with toughened or laminated glass which will last for years to come.

30 years experience in the restoration

We have thirty years experience in the restoration and conservation of ecclesiastical stained glass and leaded lights.  Our skilled craftsman produces hand painted kiln fired artwork of the highest order to match any style or period.

We fit both UV coated polycarbonate and powder coated grilles to protect glazing from vandalism and the elements.

For expert stained glass restoration

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